In the 1970’s, the 14 instruments of the Baschet Educational Instrumentarium – veritable musical instruments applying the same principles as the large Sound Structures and offering a “sound palette” of around 100 different tones – were created for education purposes.

Its purpose is to initiate children, adults and people with disabilities in collective musical discovery through games and experimentation, and without any previous musical knowledge.

Based on the large, original Baschet sound structures, the Baschet Educational Instrumentarium creates a broad spectrum of sounds, including those not in the classical European repertoire, as well as some which resemble electroacoustic sounds.

Education in sound culture is stimulated through listening to sounds, to oneself and to others. The experience of sound is not only through listening, it is also through hands-on learning and musical improvisation.

Initiation in the use of the Baschet Educational Instrumentarium.


"In the visual arts, we give children colours to be creative but we don't do that for sound. That is why I wanted to create a "palette of sounds!" - Bernard Baschet


We work with teachers, psycologists, scientists, students and the general public to better understand sound.

  • Baschet Educational Instrumentarium training for educators

  • Production and maintenance of Baschet Educational Instrumentariums

  • Worskshops with children and people with learning difficulties

  • Training materials developed through our Educational Council

  • Scientific residencies for researchers

The Baschet Educational Instrumentarium

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