The Baschet brothers’ artistic exploration spanned several decades and their legacy includes musical instruments, sound sculptures, historical monuments, albums, soundtracks, a pedagogical methodology for sound education and a philosophy of art.

Working closely with the Baschet brothers’ heirs*, we are determined to preserve the Baschet legacy and tell the story of their work.

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  • Information about the Baschet brothers’ story, the importance of their work in the history of art and scientific discovery
  • Facilitiating exhibitions of the original Baschet works
  • Restoring the Baschet monuments around the world
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1.) Exhibitions

During their lifetime, Bernard and François Baschet had their work exhibited in over 100 shows.

Whilst many of the exhibitions were prestigious, they would never hesitate to also hold exhibitions in smaller villages in the spirit of making art accessible to all.

Working closely with the Baschet Family, we can advise and provide logistical support for exhibitions of original Baschet sound structures.

Our interactive map shows where the Baschet Brothers’ work has been exhibited, as well as the locations of our partner organizations, Instrumentariums and Baschet original works in public collections.

2.) Restoration of Baschet Monuments

The Baschet brothers also created several public monuments such as clocks, fountains, bell towers and chimes – some ephemeral, some still in existence.

One of the first fountains created was made for the World’s Fair in San Antonio, Texas in 1968.

They made others in the early 1970’s, including in Cologne, New York, Mexico City, London and Barcelona.

Subsequently, they worked on bell towers and clocks. The Baschet “signal sonore”(school bell) at the local primary school near the Baschet Sound Structures Association Headquarters, created in 1968, was restored in 2018 by the Association.

See our interactive map to find out more about the Baschet monuments.

The school bell sculpture, recently restored by the Association in 2017.
The school bell sculpture, recently restored by the Association in 2017.

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