Based in Saint-Michel-sur-Orge in the Parisian region, the Baschet Sound Strucutres Association was founded in 1982. We are still based in “The Barn” at the home of Bernard Baschet.

The original mission of the Association was to expand the educational activities linked to the Baschet Educational Instrumentarium developed during the 1970s.

Since the death of the two artists (François Baschet in 2014 and Bernard Baschet in 2015) our activities have expanded to ensure that their historical legacy lives on and that new generations can develop cultural activities based on their visionary – and sonorous! – work.

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The Baschet Sound Structures Association offers:


We work with teachers, psycologists, scientists, students and the general public to better understand sound.

  • Baschet Educational Instrumentarium training for educators
  • Production and maintenance of Baschet Educational Instrumentariums
  • Worskshops with children and people with learning difficulties
  • Training materials developed through our Educational Council
  • Scientific residencies for researchers


We work with composers, musicians, visual artists, dancers, sound designers, choreographers and instrument makers.

  • Sound design workshops
  • Hiring of Baschet Sound Structures
  • Production and maintenance of several of the Baschet Sound Structures
  • Workshops at music festivals
  • Guidance for creations, including with Baschet Educational Instrumentarium



We work with the Baschet heirs to preserve the legacy of the Baschet Brothers, as pioneering artists of the 20th Century.

  • Information about the Baschet brothers’ story, the importance of their work in the history of art and scientific discovery
  • Facilitiating exhibitions of the original Baschet works
  • Restoring the Baschet monuments around the world


Also see our brochure:

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Team Members

Pierre Cuffini

Specialist in Baschet pedagogy for over 35 years. Contact for official representation of the Association.

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Claire Collot

Deputy to the Chairperson, she can fulfil any of his duties in his absence.

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Helen Raymond

In charge of relations with the members and internal organisation. Also oversees the work of the Educational Council.

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Bao Gil

Trustee responsible for ensuring balanced finances.